16 September 2010

The unavoidable impacts of climate change

Britain must prepare for the ‘unavoidable’ impacts of climate change as well as continuing to cut carbon emissions, Environment Secretary Caroline Spelman will say today.

The Adaptation Sub-Committee (ASC) will publish today the first national assessment of how well the prepared the UK is for climate change. The report concludes that, with the impacts of climate change already being felt in the UK, people must start preparing now.

With UK Climate Projections predicting significantly warmer summers, wetter winters and more frequent extreme weather events over the coming years, Caroline Spelman will use a speech to the ASC to issue a ‘wake-up call’ to British society that urgent action is needed to protect our economy, our infrastructure and our way of life.

Caroline Spelman will say:

“Today’s report provides a wake- up call. It recognises that there is no part of our society which is immune from the effects of climate change. Which means that every part of our society must think about its resilience.

“While it is vital that we continue the task of drastically cutting our greenhouse gas emissions, we know that we are already facing levels of unavoidable climate change.

“Britain’s economy will only be as resilient and prepared as British firms, communities and infrastructure.

“Adapting to climate change may also offer some of its biggest opportunities. The transition to a low carbon, well-adapted global economy could create hundreds of thousands of sustainable green jobs. But we must – all of us – take steps now to recognise the problem, analyse the risk and plan ahead.”

The ASC report found that while progress is being made by Government in raising awareness, more action needs to be taken on the ground in five priority areas – land use planning, infrastructure, buildings, natural resources and emergency planning. Defra has responded to the report by publishing a strategic statement outlining the way forward to adapt the UK to climate change risks and opportunities.

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