23 August 2010

Making a virtue out of a necessity

You have to hand it to Siemens Appliances. In one fell swoop they give the nervous customer peace of mind while at the same time slamming the kitchen door shut on its competitors.

The brand has just launched a free, five year warranty covering call out, parts and labour on selected built-in appliances. And before you start having naughty thoughts about the ‘selection’, the list includes the latest aCool refrigeration, designer chimney hoods, plus a broad cross section of built-in ovens, hob, compact appliances, and integrated dishwashers.

To qualify for the warranty and get the reassurance that, in the unlikely event of one of the Siemens appliances turning up its tail during the first five years of its working life, the consumer has to select five appliances for their new kitchen or remodelling project.

The promotion runs through to 1st January, so its timing is perfect for those “Beat the VAT Increase” sales in the run-up to the end of the year, and the appliances themselves have be installed by June 2011.

No matter how reliable the brand, the consumer wants a guarantee – and the longer the better too. A free five year all-embracing warranty is highly desirable and I would wager most customers would happy to have a kitchen full of Siemens appliances in return for the peace of mind such a guarantee will give them.

Cunning eh?

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