18 August 2010

Customer service survey

Taken from an article by Joilet Junior College
Calling all kitchen, bedroom and bathroom professionals - how importantly do you rate customer service?

Yeah, I know, "essential", but a little more information would be really helpful, especially as the topic has been in the news - well on this blog anyway - recently.

You may remember an earlier post: Top Ten Customer Service Trends. This was taken from an article by Joilet Junior College (who we also 'borrowed' the above image from), and recently on the kbb News website, we reported on the BSH Group winning - for the second year running no less - the Domestic & General TEQ Customer Service Award.

Clearly they take customer service pretty seriously - how about you?

Now its your turn to say how importantly you take customer service. Please take a few minutes to complete the online survey kbb News and the Bathroom Manufacturers Association (BMA), have put together.

kbb News will use the information in a report that will be published in October and the BMA will share the data with its Facilitator at this year's Conference, the theme of which is: "Customer Service, Making Good Business Sense".

Click here to find the survey and we look forward to receiving your response.

Meanwhile, if you would like any details about the Annual Bathroom Conference 2010, please click here to visit the BMA's Conference website.

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