28 July 2010

Which? way up!

The report in the August issue of Which? magazine about ‘never-ending sales’ throws a powerful light on the tricks of the trade some companies use in price promoting their products.

I must admit to having a love-hate relationship with Which? I’m bemused by how its ‘Best Buys’ can often give different ratings to the same products - albeit with a different brand name on them.

And I am frequently frustrated by its suggestions that a better price for an integrated appliance may be available online when the price quoted does not include the removal and disposal of the old appliance and installation of the new product.

But I take my hat off to Which? for its exposure of ‘special offers’ that are far from special. It concentrated on freestanding products such as beds, but the dramatic discounting of kitchen and bathroom products is the curse of KBB-Land too.

Perhaps now a respected consumers’ champion has highlighted how misleading some of the special offers being advertised are, Jo Public will think twice before being tempted by a 50% discount or a ‘free’ oven, hob and hood appliance pack.

Were this to happen, KBB retailers would have to drop their ‘free’ design service and that, in my opinion, can only be a good thing. How can you put a value on your most important asset if you give it away for nothing?

If the new Which? report achieves this; it will have done the whole KBB market a great service.

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