17 May 2010

Banging the drum for the NBA

The National Business Awards (NBA) has just sent out its call for entries and once again I am urging the KBB industry to get behind this event and either enter one of the categories themselves or nominate a partner or supplier.

Why do I bang the drum for these awards when if there is one thing we are not short of in KBB-Land, it's awards?

Well I have no doubt the cynics amongst you are saying: "Well he would say that, wouldn't he? The company that owns the NBA also owns the website he updates". Come on, I'm not Mandy Rice-Davies!

Yes we do have a number of awards in the KBB world, and mostly these are well run and have a thoroughly ethical judging process in place that would stand up to a darn sight closer scrutiny than an MP's expenses claim.

But as good as these awards are, they cannot measure their finalists against business leaders as a whole, just against other industry professionals. It's the 'big fish in a small pond' scenario.

My motivation for banging the NBA drum has little to do with job security (well perhaps a little bit), but it has a lot to do with seeing this industry reflected in a good light. I know that the KBB sector has business people who are every bit as good as those that have picked up awards at the National Business Awards Gala Dinner in the past and I would like to see a few of them there as finalists this year.

You have until 23 June to enter yourself or be nominated for an award. If you read kbb News (and if you don’t, you should be thoroughly ashamed of yourself and be made to stand on the naughty step for the rest of the day), you will know that there is a special offer for readers running from now until 10 June.

Get to it!

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