7 May 2010

10 Downing Street heads for HMO Status

With no clear winner emerging from the closest fought election in 80 years, should the leaders of the three main parties decide to bunk up together in 10 Downing Street, they’ll need a change of use planning application.

Neil Young, CEO of property portfolio managers, Young Group, points out; “Under new rules rushed through the Commons before the dissolution of parliament – and without the usual consultation process – houses occupied by three or more unrelated parties now need to be reclassified as House of Multiple Occupancy and require a change of status.

"Perhaps more thought should have been given to this ill-conceived change in legislation that many in the industry are lobbying to be overturned.”

Meanwhile the kitchen and bathroom situation at 'Number 10' will have to be revisited if it is going to be reclassified. After all, a coalition is not the same as cohabitation.

1 comment:

  1. Considering the majority would classify the occupants of Downing Street as 'a shower' at best of times, maybe no need to change that bit.