18 March 2010

Whirlpool at Eurocucina

The Whirlpool Corporation  will be exhibiting at Eurocucina in April.

The Green Kitchen and the Green Generation zone will feature Whirlpool's green vision and values with an insight into the environmentally responsible design and technology that will improve the quality of life and help the environment.

It will demonstrate the kitchen of our immediate future, building the concept of eco-sustainability into appliances that interact with each other, boosting energy and water efficiency savings to levels of up to 70%.

The Fusion area will focus on the use of high performance materials including a new finish to stainless steel that remains unscathed through the passage of time.

There will be a dedicated area for KitchenAid showing its latest designs and finishes, and there will be an area of colour where ovens, hobs and refrigerators will celebrate the glamour of colour.

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