20 March 2010

Training for kbb Birmingham

Thanks to a train crew who couldn't be arsed to turn up for work on Saturday, what should have been a relatively painless journey to the NEC for kbb Birmingham became a feat of endurance.

But even as I prepared for my fifth change of train with a suitcase I swear was actually gaining weight, I was still looking forward to this year's show.

I'd taken part in a Facebook exchange with fellow journalist Martin Allen-Smith earlier on my travels and he'd remarked that "deep down we all look forward to kbb Birmingham", and of course he's spot on.

We do look forward to the show in most years, but this year in particular - after all of the problems we in KBB-Land have been through since kbb Birmingham 2008 - most of us are looking forward to it with even more enthusiasm than usual.

kbb Birmingham 2010 will, I am convinced, mark the turning point for the KBB sector.

We will all go on from this show with more confidence and with a clearer idea of what we need to do to make the most of the opportunities that will arise between now and kbb Birmingham 2012.

I don't know what else you have planned between now and Wednesday 24 March, but trust me, you will kick yourself if you do not spend some of that time at kbb Birmingham 2010.

See you there!

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