18 February 2010

An inspector calls...

The Business Inspector gets boost from HMRC.

A new TV series – “The Business Inspector” - has been sponsored by HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). The programme will raise awareness among small businesses that they need to keep good records.

Stephen Banyard, Business Customer Unit Director at HMRC said: "We know that most small businesses want to get their tax right. But we also know too that failure to take reasonable care costs the Exchequer over £6bn a year, with a major cause being poor record keeping. We hope this series will raise awareness of the need for good record keeping.

"We also want small businesses to realise the benefits to them – such as improved cash flow – of taking better care of their records and paperwork."

Presenter Hilary Devey added: "Britain’s brimming with creativity but a terrifying number of businesses go bust each year and this shouldn’t be happening. I am going to teach businesses how to improve their all round business knowledge and direction, cash flow, marketing strategy and in some cases even their enthusiasm. Invaluable lessons they will never forget."

The Business Inspector is a four-part series that will be broadcast weekly on Five at 8pm from 10 March 2010.

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