8 January 2010

It's official! Size doesn't matter!

There has been the long-held belief in the UK that some companies are "just too big" to come to a trade show.

Perhaps the company has a well-established retailer network, or an extremely well appointed permanent showroom.

Well, Crown Imperial can tick both of those boxes. More UK kitchen retailers sell Crown's kitchens than any other single brand, and just outside Daventry it has one of Europe's finest kitchen showrooms.

And yet Crown Imperial will be at kbb Birmingham in March.

Frankly m'dear (to quote Rhett Butler) if Crown can see the value in being at kbb Birmingham and strutting its stuff in front of the single largest gathering of KBB professionals under one roof, those companies who used to say they were too big for a KBB business exhibition will have to have a rethink what they will say in future about not being in Birmingham in March.

And what are the Faceless Few going to say about the show now?

Remember them? They were the shy individuals happy to brief against kbb Birmingham as long as nobody mentioned their name.

I  gave them the opportunity a couple of weeks ago to share their thoughts with readers of this blog and guess what?

Despite almost 200 people reading my "Put up or shut up" post, only one person replied - and that was to say his company was coming to the show.

But just in case the Faceless Few are made up of shy and retiring folk, I've changed the response mechanism on my blog so they can reply anonymously.

I await their response. Again.

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