19 December 2009

Put up or shut up

I know this is the season to be jolly - look at that picture on the right for crying out loud - but just before I head off to do some serious damage to a humongous pile of mince pies, there is something I need to get off my chest.

The whispering campaign by the 'Faceless Few' against kbb Birmingham is increasingly frustrating me!

Let me start off by stating the blindingly obvious. kbb Birmingham is one of this blog's sponsors and UBM Live, the event organisers, pay me to update the kbb News website and produce the kbb News newsletter, so it would be pretty easy to accuse me of being biased.

Biased I may be, but I am also very curious. Not one of the Faceless Few briefing against kbb Birmingham is prepared to put their name to their comments and I have to wonder why they are so shy?

Do they have a vested interest in kbb Birmingham not being a success? Perhaps they want to organise an event of their own? Possibly they cannot afford to attend and they are looking for an excuse to say no? Maybe a remote head office has said no and the local hero does not want to lose face as 'the' decision maker?

I find it hard to believe that any company of substance would brief anonymously against the show because frankly, there is no shame in saying that in 2010, your marketing priorities lay in other areas.

But the companies that have said this are not the ones hiding behind a veil of anonymity

So here's my Christmas Challenge to the 'Faceless Few': put up or shut up.

Don't get on the phone to your 'friends' with a load of old tosh about the show not going ahead or this or that company pulling out. If you actually believe that, then have the courage of your convictions and put it in writing to me.

This is one of the few genuine KBB industry blogs, based on blogging software that comes with a built-in response mechanism (see below), so get writing.

Otherwise, why on earth should anyone take you or your comments seriously?

I promise I will publish every response I receive - providing you put your name to your comments and the comments are not libellous or offensive.

I may be biased, but I have nothing to hide - do you?

1 comment:

  1. Dear Exhibitors,

    Chinese whispers are the worst form of sabotage! Those who are choosing to take the opportunity to deter exhibitors in KBB 2010 as said need to shut up or put up!!! I find it hard to believe in these times that there are certain individuals who are willing to undermine an event that will in no doubt stimulate sales and growth within our industry. As an exhibitor I must point out that 220 companies have paid their deposits and support one of the most important exhibitions of the next year. I feel that it is important that all manufacturers should be united to help our industry recover from the current credit crunch. KBB 2010 could be the launch platform on the road to recovery and is a much needed stage in this recovery. At least those who have chosen to take part have put their money where their mouth is and I look forward to the New Year. Galassia UK