23 November 2009

Don't miss the boat.

A once every two year opportunity.

I don't know what method you favour for predicting market trends: property price movements; manufacturing output; statistics raw material sales, examining bat entrails; etc, but most pundits suggest that we will be out of the recession - whatever its shape - before 2012.

Quite when precisely remains a matter of debate, but what is certain for those of us who ply our trade in KBB-Land is that we have just one real opportunity between now and the upturn gaining momentum to present our goods and services, or to review our product/supplier portfolio.

That one opportunity is kbb Birmingham in March 2010. Miss that show and you will certainly miss a huge opportunity to be ahead of the curve when the market really picks up again.

Obviously there are other events between now and 2012. There are kitchen and bathroom exhibitions on the continent to consider for example, but these attract few visitors from Britain - certainly nothing like the 19,000-strong audience of professionals who went to kbb Birmingham in 2008 - and many of the products on display at shows abroad may never actually come to the UK.

And there will be consumer shows between now and March 2012 that may look like a good alternative to kbb Birmingham but which are unlikely to deliver a substantial number of business visitors either, if previous consumer shows are anything to go by.

kbb Birmingham is more that just a trade show, it is the main industry gathering for the KBB professional. It already has over 200 exhibitors signed up, check out the kbb Birmingham website for the most up-to-date list, and a business-based seminar programme that is second to none anywhere else in Europe.

Make sure you don't miss the boat in March 2010. Two years is a long time to wait for another such opportunity.

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