20 October 2009

Seven tips for selling water efficient bathroom fittings

If you want to sell more water efficient bathroom fittings, the seven tips Kathryn Rathouse of Kathryn Rathouse Research gave delegates at this year's Bathroom Manufacturers Association Conference will help.

  1. Only sell water efficient fittings.
  2. Use the BMA labelling scheme to highlight water efficient fittings.
  3. Let consumers compare live displays of water efficient and standard fittings in your showroom.
  4. Show plumbers how easy the fittings are to install and incentivise them to use water efficient fittings.
  5. Get feedback from consumers and use it in publicity along the lines of "8 out of 10 cat owners say their cats prefer Whiskas".
  6. Use a fell good icon like the polar bear to communicate the reduced environmental impact of water efficient fittings.
  7. Use cutting edge technology and modern design to break down the association between using less water and a retun to a tin bath in front of the fire.
The shower shown is the Raindance Air shower from Hansgrohe that uses a patented air-injection system to reduce water but without reducing a 'quality' shower experience.


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