9 October 2009

Design does make the difference

George Clarke of Channel 4's The Home Show hits the nail on the head.

One of the highlights of this year's Design Awards at the Lord's Cricket Ground on 6 October was hearing 'television designer' George Clarke tell it like it is.

Clarke was one of the Design Award's judges this year and prior to helping to present the prizes he gave the audience the benefit of his opinion on the state of the 'interiors' market.

"There is no point in complaining about how tough things are," he said, "as there is nothing we can do about the situation. Bankers and other financial services companies got us into this mess and it will be bankers and the financial companies that will get us out of it.

"What can we do meanwhile? Offer our customers the very best in terms of design. We know that there are consumers who are looking for stunning design.

"There is no better time to invest in good design than in the middle of a recession, because people are taking more care about what they buy.

"As I say on my television programme, we have to forget the thought of a house being an 'investment'. It's a place to live, a place to bring our families up in, a place to stay in for the long term.

"The public is much more switched onto design that they previously were, so design does make the difference!"

Anyone out there in KBB-Land care to chip in on this one?

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