28 September 2009

kbb Birmingham - be there or miss out big time.

It's a funny old world. While I've never subscribed to the 'hell-in-a-handcart' theory about the state of business in KBB-Land, even I have to admit that things could be a little better.

Every KBB retailer I have spoken to in the last few months is reviewing his or her supply chain to see if they can save a few pence and still provide a quality service.

You would think that manufacturers and distributors would be doing all they could to get the attention of these retailers, strutting around like peacocks trying to attract a mate.

But no, too many are sitting on their marketing thumbs and not spending any money. "It's the recession!", goes the collective wail.

Personally, I would have thought this is when you want all the business you can cope with.

Many suppliers have cut back on magazine advertising. That's short-sighted, but at least that situation can be reviewed on a month-by-month basis.

Cut back on going to the UK's only national KBB trade show and you could screw your business up for two years!

Over 200 companies have signed up for kbb Birmingham and many of the best spots are either already sold or reserved, but quite a few companies are still are hanging back.

What the heck are they waiting for? Business will not be going through the roof between now and March 2010 so they may as well sign up now and take advantage of the pre-show publicity.

Some Continental companies may be holding back because of huge international shows in Italy and Germany.

Have you read how much overseas business travel is down? Crikey! The KBB retailer abroad was always a rare beast - unless a manufacturer was footing the bill that is - now Yeti's are likely to be more numerous in the aisles of Eurocucina than retailers from the UK.

Truth be told, if you are serious about doing KBB business in the UK in 2010 - 2011, a presence at kbb Birmingham is more or less essential.

You won't need a stand the size of a football pitch to make an impact and the cost spread over two years of going to our only national trade show is actually pretty small beer.

However the cost to your business of not going to kbb Birmingham could be very high indeed.

See you there!

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