25 September 2009

Electrolux Design Lab success

The Electrolux Design Lab once again demonstrated that it is one of the most significant competitions for student designers.

This year's event attracted over 900 entries from more than 50 countries as design students tried to come up with products that we would be using 90 years hence.

Why 90 years? Because Electrolux, sponsor of Design Lab, has been in business for 90 years so knew how much kitchen technology had changed during that timescale.

Eight finalists were selected to present their ideas to an international panel of judges at 100% Design on Thursday 24th September.

Winner Rickard Hederstierna (seen above left with Henrik Otto, Senior Vice President of Global Design at Electrolux), from the Lund Institute of Technology in Sweden decided to tackle the problem of food shortage head on, theorising that this was a problem that was only going to get worse as population levels increased.

His Cocoon proposal is a sustainable response to the world’s growing population and its desire to consume meat and fish. Similar to heating popcorn in a microwave, Cocoon prepares genetically engineered and prepackaged meat and fish dishes by heating muscle cells identified by radio frequency identification (RFID) signals.

A full report on the 2009 Design Lab will be posted to the kbbNews website on Monday 28 September.

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