13 August 2009

The boys with the Superbrand

Congratulations to Whirlpool on being awarded Superbrand status by an 'Expert Panel' and, more importantly, over 2100 British consumers who voted for them.

While this is great news for Whirlpool, all of us who work in KBB-Land can bask in the glory that 'one of ours' shares this award with the likes of Coca Cola, IBM, and Xerox.

It's one thing being a big fish in the pond that is the UK kitchen industry, but Whirlpool's recognition as a brand of note in this company is world stage stuff, and certainly something to shout about.

Worthy winner that it is, Whirlpool would probably acknowledge that there are other brands of note within the kitchen market. Poggenpohl for example, if I remember rightly, has been a previous winner of this prestigious award.

Notice anything missing? Yup, no UK-owned company mentioned thus far.

Okay, UK staff played an important part in the company getting the award, although Whirlpool says that its Europe-wide initiative the GREENKITCHEN concept, and its worldwide work for Habitat for Humanity helped it to win a Superbrand award this year.

So here's a question for you to ponder while I spend a few days in Ireland enjoying its warm summer rain: do you think the 'Expert Panel' did not pick a UK company for consumers to consider, or do you think UK companies could not be bothered to enter?

Answers please on a postcard... Hang on, I'll be the one sending postcards.

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  1. Hi Graham and I hope there was not too much rain in Ireland.

    One reason why companies do not attain "Superbrand" status is I believe the cost. Do you not have to pay to enter the selection process and then support the annualy published directory?