3 July 2009

Straight from the horse's mouth

At last! Business advice from 'proper' business experts!

All too often those of us in KBB-Land get our business advice from, well, those of us in KBB-Land.

There is no shortage of KBB professionals who are experts at business within the world of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms, but sometimes one needs to step outside the comfort zone and look at the bigger business picture.

That is why kbb News, in association with its colleagues at The National Business Awards, is hosting a video webcast on Wednesday 8 July at 12 noon which will feature a live Q&A session chaired by Damian Reece, head of business at The Telegraph and including: Graham Hague of 3i, Rob Law of Trunki and Chris Robinson of Boost Marketing.

One of the big advantages of a webcast is that you do not have to take time out from the day job to attend as all the action takes place on your computer.

But you do have to register in advance with the official webcast website which also carries full details of how you can put your questions to the panel.

The 60-minute webcast will also cover the broader issue of building business confidence through recognition and then drill down into how recognition can help a business and provide some entry tips for the forthcoming National Business Awards, which I hope you are going to enter.

This is a great opportunity to get expert advice on a wide range of business matters that impact upon kitchen and bathroom business and it is an opportunity not to be missed, so register for the webcast today!

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