22 June 2009

Living with the consequences

Why a recent survey by YouGov that shows people will not be moving even when property prices improve is good news for the independent KBB retailer.

As this week's kbb News reports, the survey shows that a third of us (32%) plan to stay put in their homes when the housing market picks up, while only 13% will look into selling, according to the YouGov survey.

This is great news for the independent KBB sector! People who plan to stay in their homes rather than do them up for a quick sale are much more likely to spend money on quality home improvements as they will have to live with the consequences of their purchase decisions.

I keep reading in the popular press how much 'entry level' kitchens and bathrooms have improved. Personally, I think this so-called 'improvement' is based more on an improvement to how the kitchens and bathrooms are marketed rather than on the products themselves.

Many of the 'cheap-as-chips' kitchens and bathrooms I've looked at in recent weeks give fried potatoes a bad name!

These kitchens and bathrooms may make sense if the consumer wants a quick fix and will be moving on before door's start to go out of alignment, drawers start to stick, or taps start to drip, but as a longer term 'investment'? Forget it.

Consumers looking for quality kitchens and bathrooms are almost certain to pay a visit to their local showroom. They are going to be quality and service driven, nor price driven, but don't expect them to pay a premium for a kitchen or bathroom that looks like it belongs in a superstore.

Of course they will be looking for a bargain - wouldn't you - but they are also going to be looking for a kitchen or bathroom that they will be happy to live with rather than lumber the person who buys their home with.

Over to you!

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  1. Couldn't agree more - we need more people to be genuinely investing in THEIR property rather than simply investing in A property (in order to just do it up).