1 May 2009

Interiorshub.com comes to the silver screen

Interiorshub.com, the interiors aggregator website that put news, jobs and suppliers at the fingertips of the industries' professionals, has come to the silver screen.

No, not your local cinema, but to a much wider audience throughout the world via YouTube - the self-same technology used by Presidents and Prime Ministers for important announcements - and Interiors TV.

UBM Live, the publishers of Interiorshub.com, recently held an in-house competition amongst its sales, marketing, and public relations teams to see which could come up with the best short presentation on the website.

This particular presentation was clearly aimed at a worldwide audience, so the judges suggested that it should be posted onto the Internet to enable as many people as possible to see the video.

(No animal was harmed during the making of the interiorshub.com video.)

1 comment:

  1. What a fantastic idea. Well done. It looked like fun doing it too?

    Where can I see more of this?