7 April 2009

Kitchen users top-ten survey results

A survey of almost 2000 people aged 16 and over by The Bright Idea Handbook, a Which? essential guide has produced results that will certainly be of interest to kitchen design professionals.

Asked which kitchen item they would struggle to live without (brace yourselves appliance companies) the answer was not a coffee machine, steam oven, or even an ice dispenser, but a whistling kettle!

Michael Gardner, author of The Bright Idea handbook, a Which? essential guide, says: "Who'd have thought that when the electric kettle was invented over a hundred years ago, it would still be such a steaming success today?"

Yes indeed, probably not manufacturers of coffee machines for starters. And they will probably not be thrilled to learn that they come in at Number 7 in the kitchen essentials list, behind such high tech aids as kitchen foil, toasters, and even a cheese grater.

As for the rest of the home, apparently 73 per cent of people surveyed thought the home computer was the most crucial item, while 58 per cent thought the vacuum cleaner was an indispensable asset.

The Kitchen Top Ten:

1 Kettle 69%
2 Microwave 42%
3 Kitchen foil/cling film 16%
4 Toaster 13%
5 Cheese grater 8%
6 Food processor/blender 7%
7 Coffee maker 5%
8 Bread maker 3%
9 Juicer 0
10 Smoothie maker 0

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