2 February 2009

No news is bad news

Every now and then, in my role as the web editor of kbb News, I get taken to task for presenting 'bad' news. And by 'bad' news, most who complain are talking about the Business Briefing section on kbb News.

"Why are you being so negative?" I'm asked. It is almost as if we did not run Business Briefing all would be well in KBB-Land.

The title of the website 'kbb News' provides a pretty strong clue as to why this section is there.

Like it or not - and I don't like it at all - business failure is news but I believe that the non-sensational way we present this information is the most positive way to deal with the material.

The alternative is to ignore what is happening in the market, but no news is bad news.

This is perhaps the ideal time to mention that there is quite a bit of good news around this week - certainly as far as the independent kitchen and bathroom studio is concerned.

It's good news, for example, that Moores Furniture is to get back into kitchen showrooms via the Four Seasons and Lifestyle brands. Moores is a huge concern, yet they can see a future in the High Street.

It's good news also that Nolte UK is going to demonstrate its faith in the business in Britain by opening a flagship showroom and training centre later this year.

And it's very good news that Triflow Concepts Limited has chosen the high quality end of the brassware market with which to brand itself.

Why, because the independent sector is, above all, all about quality and you could argue that quality KBB is not a volume business.

Present market conditions are polarising the KBB sector. The cheap-as-chips superstore kitchen and bathroom offer is being increasingly seen for what it is, but it is still a threat to those kitchen and bathroom showrooms that think they can compete on price and price alone.

However, the top end of the market is where the independent showroom has the field to itself. Price is still a factor of course, but here, service is often the key to doing business - and its very good business too.

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