13 December 2008

Welcome to the rumour mill

The latest update of the kbb News website carries a story about appliance brand Küppersbusch and how it has been misrepresented in the German media.

Küppersbusch, part of the Teka Group has, in common with many other companies, has had to make redundancies. It seems that this has been ‘translated’ by elements of the German press to suggest the brand is going to be closed.

I understand that the publications concerned have been told in no uncertain terms that this is not going to happen and that full retractions and apologies will be published.

We live in uncertain economic times and so even a hint that a company is in trouble is seized upon. But there are always some who are prepared to exploit a situation for their own ends.

I would not be in the least surprised to learn that one of Küppersbush/Teka’s competitors heard about the redundancies and ‘encouraged’ their media friends with a hint or two to think – and in this case print – the worst.

It certainly wouldn’t be the first time this has been done – and not just in the German media either.

It suggests to me that if ‘Company A’ has got nothing better to do than talk to the media about ‘Company B’ then things can’t be too clever at ‘Company A’ otherwise they would be too busy talking about themselves.

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