8 December 2008

Bang goes Bernstein

One of the best –known names in the KBB-sector, Bernstein Group Holdings, also known as BGH is believed to have called the administators PricewaterhouseCoopers in.

I say ‘believed’ because nobody at BGH has returned mycalls or emails.

And it isn’t just me. The Bolton News reported on 6 December that: 'Chairman Bill Gleave, finance director Andrew Coveney, logistics director Gavin Kellitt and managing director Tony Fox all failed to reply to calls', so what chance does this humble scribe of a blog have?

It also reported that 140 staff had been sacked when they turned up to work after the administrators were called in and that the remaining 250 staff had been told that they too could lose their jobs if a buyer for the company could not be found.

However, a source told me last week to say that the staff had all been told that the company had applied to the courts for the administraters to be appointed,

Not good news in the run-up to Christmas for the staff at BGH.

Meanwhile, the Bolton Kitchen Partnership (BKP) has offered to supply BGH’s customers with kitchens if their former supplier cannot fulfil contracts.

‘We are a local company and we would like to help the people who have been caught up in this,’ BKP’s design manager at BKP told The Bolton News. ‘There will be a lot of people who have paid deposits. If people have paid a 20 or 25 per cent deposit, we would absorb that for them. It obviously depends on the value of the kitchen and we will have to look at it on a case by case basis,’ he added.

There have some unsubstantiated reports that the company was continuing to accept orders up until last Thursday.

However, it is a fact that the BGH website is still up and running as I write. Information on the site (ironically) includes news of a financing deal in 2007 with Endless LLP that is ‘worth several million pounds which looks set to secure a bright future for the company’.

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