8 October 2008

2008 Design Lab - the excitement mounts

I am about to fly out to Zurich as a guest of Electrolux to be at the finals of its 2008 Design Lab competition.

The nine finalists have been selected and their entries are posted here. Now all we are waiting for is the panel of international design experts to pick which of these products is the winner.

I have nothing but praise for Electrolux for mounting this competition each year. One of the questions I am frequently asked is 'Where are tomorrow's designers?', and this annual event is one answer to that question.

The cynics amongst you - and we know who you are and where you live - can dismiss Design Lab as just another PR stunt, but I thing you are wrong.

This competition costs Electrolux a small fortune every year and if all it was after was publicity, it could do it for a lot less money.

And you cannot put a value on the encouragement Design Lab gives to young industrial designers.

All nine of this year's finalists are already winners. They have come through a field of over 600 to be in Zurich tomorrow - visit kbb TV to see what Henrick Otto, Sr. VP Golbal Design at Electrolux, has to say about this year's finalists.

All nine will certainly go on to bright careers in the future. But for one of them, the spotlight will be on them Thursday evening. If you revisit this blog Friday morning, you will be able to read who the winner is.

And if you come to kbb London in May 2009, you will be able to see all of the finalists' entries first hand.

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